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  • Installation Guide - Fireplace Mantel & Floating Shelves

    When installing our products, we have a few tips and tricks that we have learned over the years.  At this time, we do not supply or sell mounting hardware.  We never know what material our clients are mounting to and would hate to send out the wrong screws/bolts needed. See below for our suggestions!

    Shelf - Mantel Bracket and Hardware Installation:

    We always suggest mounting our products to studs, stone, or brick.  In the cases you are not able to mount to these materials using toggle bolts, mollies, or anchors is an alternative option for installation.  

    Brackets with support bars: 

    We understand the spacing behind the supports can be tight.  It is best to mark and predrill your wall.  Using hex head lag bolts, you can put the bolt in the bracket off the wall.  With a wrench or socket you can walk the bracket into the wall until it is secure. 

    Instructions on How To Hang A Heavy Shelf

    1. Choose the right location: Find a stud in the wall where you want to hang the shelf using a stud finder and mark its position with a pencil. Make sure the location is level and centered where you want it.
    2. Gather materials: You will need a heavy-duty shelf bracket or cleat, screws, drill, level, and measuring tape.
    3. Install the bracket or cleat: Use screws to attach the bracket or cleat to the wall at the stud location. Make sure it is level and securely attached.
    4. Attach the shelf: Place the shelf on top of the bracket or cleat, making sure it is level. Use screws to attach the shelf to the bracket or cleat from the bottom.
    5. Test the stability: Gently push and pull on the shelf to make sure it is securely attached and can hold the weight you plan to put on it.

    Note: If you are unsure about your ability to install the shelf safely, hiring a professional or seeking guidance from a hardware store may be best.

    To ensure a secure installation, it is important to use the correct size and type of hardware for the specific wall material and to follow the weight limits recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, it is important to use a level to ensure the bracket is installed straight and secure. By following these guidelines, you can safely and securely install your shelf or mantel bracket for years of use.

    Tool List To Install Shelves

    The materials you will need to hang a shelf include:

    1. Heavy-duty shelf bracket or cleat
    2. Screws or Hex Head Lag bolts (Wrench/Socket Set) depending on the weight of the shelf.
    3. Drill
    4. Measuring tape
    5. Pencil
    6. Stud finder (optional)
    7. Level

    Optional materials that may be helpful include anchors and a hammer.

    You may need anchors and a hammer to hang a heavy shelf if you are unable to attach the shelf bracket or cleat directly to a stud in the wall. Anchors can provide additional support by distributing the weight of the shelf across a larger area of the wall. A hammer may be necessary to tap the anchors into place. However, it is important to note that using anchors does not guarantee the shelf's stability and weight capacity, and it is always best to follow manufacturer instructions and seek professional advice if needed.

    Click the following link to see us installing bathroom shelves!


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